Lost in Space and Time

And so it begins
in which we are introduced to some of the party

Events recap:
Note: toaster is a terrible name. even Pinocchio had a real name.

You successfully found some alchemical supplies for snake oil. It took you the better part of a day, but you didn’t run into any bandits or wildlife, so while the tension was high you seemed to make out okay.

Reward for fetch quest:
21unox (units of experience) per player [trying to figure out something that sounds as good as xp without implying that you’ll get thousands of it]
3 monies per player (each person’s cut of the eventual profit)

Toaster ended up in the saloon, plying his trade while Castor did the same on the late night streets. Castor made another 3 monies from his reserves of snake oil. Toaster either improved or worsened relations between the bear and wolf clans of weretouched by buying them drinks and getting in their business. Over all, there wasn’t a fight in the saloon, so the proprietor is happy. There was a promise of another confrontation later, however.

After the saloon, Toaster headed for the warehouses to meet a client that is apparently down on his luck. Bandits have been taxing roads and raiding caravans, making it less likely that people are traveling.

The next day, Castor and Toaster were spending time in the market when they heard of a little girl trapped in an abandoned mine. Upon investigation, no one could find any evidence that a scuffle occurred, but they went in anyway. Inside, the abandoned mine looked well maintained and active, and when the group went to use the elevator, they were attacked by five small, red creatures with horns and tails.

After a quick dispatch that almost got scary for Castor, all turned out well and they are poised to continue down the path. The parents have been told to take one of the bodies back to town and gather folk to come help.


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